Friends of Shanker Foundation

The Friends of Shanker Foundation DjNP+ is the founding group of Shanker Foundation DjNP+. The group has people from all walks of life who have been supporting the cause of HIV/AIDS.

The Friends group has been critical in the formation and development of the Foundation and the Network. The group has been providing support to the foundation for fund raising and advocacy actions. Every year as a fund raising and mass awareness initiative the Friends of Shanker Foundation has been publishing desk calendars for fund raising and creating mass awareness.

You too can be a part of the Friends of Shanker Foundation Group by donating to the foundation

Donations to the foundation can be sent to:

Account Holders Name: Shanker Foundation

Account Number: 346 0101 0001 3138

Branch: Axis Bank, Darjeeling Branch

Please send us an email with the details of your donation, contact email id and telephone number so that we can contact you. Kindly Contact us for further details.


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