Shanker Foundation, Darjeeling Network of Positive People (DjNP+), is a forum addressing the concerns of people and families living with HIV/AIDS. It promotes the dignity and right to life of positive people. The foundation provides awareness, trainings and care & support services.

The Foundation is registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act 1968, and is affiliated to Bengal Network of Positive People BNP+ and Indian Network of Positive People INP+.


Shanker Foundation DjNP+ (Darjeeling Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS) vision is to access all HIV positive people in Darjeeling hills and bring them under one umbrella to help them live a more productive life with dignity and self confidence. The strategy to realize this vision is to function as a coalition of district level support to HIV positive people throughout Darjeeling hills.


Shanker Foundation DjNP+ (Darjeeling Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS) mission is to unite through networking of the members so that the HIV positive people come together. When united, they are able to make themselves aware of their issues, share their experiences and build up the confidence to tackle problems on their own. They will be able to develop their skills, work against discrimination in the society and create solidarity to work for their rights such as proper treatment of opportunistic infections and addressing their psychological needs.

Brief History:

Shanker Foundation DjNP + was formed in 2005 as Shrishti, under the guidance of Kripa AIDS Cell, an arm of Kripa Foundation. But now it has evolved as its own and is the only foundation run by PLWH’S (PEOPLE LIVING WIITH HIV/AIDS).The social stigma and discrimination attached to HIV/AIDS has made it extremely difficult for Shanker Foundation to come out in the open. The foundation has members from all walks of life: mothers, young adults, children…the list is endless and increasing rapidly. The disease is yet to be accepted due to lack of awareness. Increasing number of women and children living with HIV is adding challenges to the Network. Due to their positive status, women and children living with HIV are further marginalized in a society which already marginalizes this vulnerable group.

The foundation has been reaching out to other people with HIV/AIDs with very little means of support. The challenge of constant care and support of the increasing number of people living with the disease is a daunting task. The majority of members, fall below the poverty line and need nutritive food, medical support and shelter. Societal support for a dignified life is a major challenge in an environment where the awareness level is very low while the level of stigma and discrimination is very high.

Till date the foundation has enabled several members to come out into the open disclosing their HIV status to the family general public. This has been possible through the calendar initiative that was facilitated by the Friends of Shanker Foundation.

Governing Board

The foundation is governed by an 11 member governing board which is comprised of positive people.


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