The Wall: A message of Peace and Harmony

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The Road to Peace

What an experience it was this Sunday. Did not know it was 10-10-10 too if that adds value. Firstly it was FUN, all of us felt like artists even if it was carrying tea, paint, drawing a line or just being there. Importantly the whole day had direction, purpose, commitment and fulfillment. There was a sense of seminal work in progress Darjeeling and proud of being part of history and ART. The message is all “loud and clear” (sms i received the following day) and Shanker Foundation has etched a message for all too see, reflect and act on the wall. It was definitely a Positive Expression which seemed to carry with us at the end of the day when we were signing  our names on the wall, going home and going to bed.

The day was not just about art and a positive expression. It was about working together and having fun. It was about solidarity yet not feeling us and them. For me it was just US working on the wall. Amazing how each word and colour was weighed for what it means and what it says to us and the world. Amazing how all of us can work on small parts and still feel the whole and much larger. Leviathan had a very positive meaning for me.

Members and Friends

Not to forget that a lot of work had gone behind the wall with the conceptualisation and facilitation by Dipang and Sweta. One cannot forget all the guys who worked on Saturday cleaning and putting the background coat. Neither can we forget the running around for the permission for the wall from the Municipality. Really grateful to the Darjeeling Municipality for the permission as well as personal presence on Sunday.

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Training on Social Analysis and SHG The Wall: A message of Peace and Harmony

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