Calendar 2010 and Painting Sale and Exhibition

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Calendar 2010 and Painting Sale & Exhibition

The Friends of Shanker Foundation DjNP+ is the founding group of Shanker Foundation DjNP+. The group has people from all walks of life who have been supporting the cause of HIV/AIDS. The Friends group has been providing technical and financial support to the foundation.

Every year as a fund raising and mass awareness initiative the Friends of Shanker Foundation has been publishing desk calendars. This year too, the Friends of Shanker Foundation and DjNP+ is publishing a wall and desk calendar. This year the Calendar will feature artwork done by People living with HIV/AIDS (PLHAs) along with the logos of the sponsors. The calendars along with the artworks will be launched and exhibited on 1 December, World AIDS Day.

We invite you to be a part of this initiative by buying the artwork(s) done by PLHAs. You can select the artwork that you would like to buy from the collection. When you/your organization buy the artwork a page in the calendar with the painting you buy along with your organization logo will be featured on the calendar page. The logo of your organization will also be featured prominently at the bottom of the calendar giving your organization 12 months of publicity. This will not only enable you to publicize your organization but also support the cause of HIV/AIDS in the Darjeeling Hills.

The Calendar has been a breakthrough initiative not just in terms of fund raising but also as a mass awareness IEC (Information Education and Communication) tool. Within a social environment which has very low levels of awareness and high level of stigma and discrimination the calendar initiative has helped HIV+ people came to the forefront disclosing their identity to the general public through the calendar. PLHA’s photographs with key messages on HIV/AIDS were featured in the calendar in the previous years.

We hope that you will support this cause by purchasing the artwork and buying the advertisement page in the calendar. Please note that all the proceeds of the calendar will go to Shanker Foundation DjNP+

All the paintings have been done by People Living with HIV/AIDS

© Shanker foundation DjNP+

1 Purple Mountain Series (3 paintings) -INR 24 000/-

2 Ravi’s Guitar (not month page) -INR 8 000 /-

3 Black Sun –INR 12 000 /-

4 Dots – INR 12 000 /-

5 Sandip’s Bird (not month page) -INR 4 000 /-

6 Pencil Patterns -INR12 000 /-

7 Target – INR 12 000 /-

8 Tree of Swirls -INR10 000 /-

9 Gun INR12 000 /-

10 Patchwork Collage -INR 13 000 /-

11Shanker’s Portrait -INR12 000 /-

12 Red Word Collage (not month page) -10 000 R/-

13 Shanker’s Flower- INR12 000 /-

14 Swirly Landscape INR-12 000 /-

15 Voluptuous Lady INR12 000 /-

16 Hari’s Arrow Collage INR12 000 /-

17 Brown Guitar Sketch (not month page) -INR 8 000 /-

18 Brinjal Guitar (not month page-INR 8 000 /-

19 Ambulance (not month page)-INR 8 000 /-

20 Mother and Child (not month page) -INR 5000 /-

21 The Eye -INR 12 000 /-

22 Purple Circles –INR 12 000 /-

23 Seascape (not month page) -INR 8 000 /-


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