Renew our friendship and recreate the magic

Lets renew our friendship and recreate the magic

Dear Friends,
Its here, this weekend we meet to renew our friendship and recreate the magic that got us the wall last year.
So, lets meet at 10:00 am at the wall on 3rd Saturday 2011(opposite Gorkha Ranga Manch Bhawan). You might want to bring rubber gloves to work with cement and tiles. Drinking water for yourself is always welcome in the Darjeeling water situation. We hope to work the whole day and kind of feel it might overflow to the next day too.
See you this weekend and all those who cannot make it to Darjeeling send us your positive energies.

>>The Wall: 2011

6 flowers on the wall

Dear Friends,
A bit late in the update even after such a momentous weekend, primarily because the Wall left us exhausted. Exhausted in a good way, a job well done.
The day started for me with a call from Ruben with an update that he was getting more tiles and water from his side and also from Suman. Such a good way to start the day, a note of solidarity and generosity.>>Read More

>>International Candlelight Memorial 2011: A Report 

International Candlelight

This year, Shanker Foundation, Darjeeling organized the Memorial in Chowrasta. Chowrasta is a place that is visited by hundreds to take a walk or just hang about in Darjeeling and therefore apt to hold the Memorial. The Memorial this year had more participants and more people. It is now an annual program that Shanker Foundation observes since 2008 though the history of the International Candlelight Memorial stretches much further and started in 1983 >>Read More


>>The Wall: A message of Peace and Harmony

Members and Friends

What an experience it was this Sunday. Did not know it was 10-10-10 too if that adds value. Firstly it was FUN, all of us felt like artists even if it was carrying tea, paint, drawing a line or just being there. Importantly the whole day had direction, purpose, commitment and fulfillment. There was a sense of seminal work in progress Darjeeling and proud of being part of history and ART. The message is all “loud and clear” (sms i received the following day) and Shanker Foundation has etched a message for all too see, reflect and act on the wall. >>Read More


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>>World AIDS Day-1 Dec  2009

>>Positive Expression: Art Exhibition/Sale

>>Calendar 2010 and Painting Sale & Exhibition

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